The View from Here

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Aug 17-22 Canadian Visitors (Rebekah’s pictures).

20150816_141619 20150816_160231 20150816_160531 20150816_160708 20150816_160917 20150818_172005 20150818_184929 20150818_184933 20150818_185350 20150818_190105 20150818_185350 20150818_192111 20150818_192950 20150818_193851 20150818_200458 20150818_201452 20150818_202939 20150818_203836 20150819_195621 20150819_202419 20150819_203956 20150819_205313 20150821_181042

Misc Summer Pictures (Rebekah).

20150615_201253 20150615_201628 20150615_203001 20150620_171258 20150703_170622 20150703_175808 20150710_132841 20150710_133610 20150710_135842 20150731_140355 20150801_150722 20150807_130400 20150808_180715

Aug 17-22- Canadian visitors (Chris’ pictures). [Silly formatting, the older pictures in the list were from the summer and were supposed to be under the heading: Aug 26- Sorry to not have posted pictures this summer, it has been rather busy and BT (British Telecom) has after 3 months not installed our phone lines for wifi at our new place (not happy). As a result we have held off posting pics but have decided to take the time at College to post some of our favourites (sadly without comments on where they are)].

20150818_105838 20150818_114147 20150818_115034 20150818_150919 20150818_170555 20150819_142351 20150819_145814 20150819_151541 20150819_152538 20150819_154004 20150819_191153 20150819_194610 20150819_201723 20150820_083925 20150820_121844 20150820_121909 20150820_122526 20150820_124351 20150820_133651 20150820_133908 20150820_143203

20150620_171124 20150621_144721 20150703_140545 20150621_151826 20150703_160632 20150703_174320 20150703_175138 20150703_123020 20150703_122734 20150703_125552 20150703_115012 20150703_173313 20150630_210443 20150704_144710 20150711_132702 20150711_171203 20150724_123507 20150731_130040 20150731_165612 20150731_165709 20150802_161740 20150802_205519 20150807_120208 20150807_122548 20150807_143127 20150807_162740 20150807_164123 20150807_174540 20150808_173522

20150611_193342 20150611_200203 20150611_203335 20150611_213327

June 6- Tortworth Lake

20150607_142442 20150607_143545 20150607_144143

May 30- Moving to Tortworth…our new place! Check out the view! The small stables are ours not the big house (though it is nearby)!





May 25- The Salisbury PlainMay 25- The Salisbury Plain

20150524_163913 20150525_172958 20150525_174146 20150525_180842 20150525_183406 20150525_184131
May 9- Jurassic Coast and Corfe Caste with AJ
20150509_103818 20150509_130850 20150509_144141 DSC_3674 DSC_3706 DSC_3655 DSC_3715 DSC_3778 DSC_3805 DSC_3806 DSC_3819 DSC_3820 DSC_3818 DSC_3849 DSC_3858
May 8- Sandy Point
DSC_3561 DSC_3574 DSC_3594 DSC_3601
May 4-7- N. Wales  with Jessica V20150504_160037 20150504_160204 20150504_160423 20150504_160828 20150504_161852 20150504_170820 20150504_171829 20150504_172737 20150504_173345 20150504_174439 20150504_180946 20150504_184511 20150504_184656 20150505_120412 20150505_124327 20150505_124352 20150505_124540 20150505_165245 20150505_170046 20150505_172849 20150505_165516 20150506_112448 20150506_112540 20150506_143050 20150506_145950 20150507_111916 20150507_115237 20150507_120249 20150507_120808 20150507_121017 20150507_122131
April 18- Hiking the Malvern Hills (16 Miles)
20150418_08204220150418_084210 20150418_102534 20150418_103029 20150418_114540 20150418_131340 20150418_133005 20150418_141527 20150418_150528 20150418_152456 20150418_162021
April 5- Happy Easter!
April 4- Today we went on an Easter day trip. First Rebekah drove us to Maisemore Apiary then into Gloucester to the Cathedral (including the tower tour-70m), historic district and old docks. We even ate at a pub where Jennie could come in! After we journeyed towards the Forest of Dean and stopped at Westbury Court Water Garden and then to St.Briavels Castle.
“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”   – Charles Dickens
Misc Spring Pics
20150306_160746 20150305_115538 20150317_152745 20150317_152748 20150304_160957 20150317_142528
Feb 28- Chris surprised me and took me on a trip to the Slimbridge Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust to see all of their amazing birds as a pre-surgery day out. We saw swans, geese, flamingos and our favourite,
the North American River Otters!20150228_13455620150228_13460920150228_14053220150228_14055520150228_14104220150228_142614
North American River Otters

North American River Otters


Feb 20- Our new to us car (a Toyota Starlet-1999)
Feb 14- Rebekah in hospital:(
Jan 31- Hiking at Cadbury Camp iron age hillfort.
20150131_135541 20150131_135852 20150131_141419 20150131_142129 20150131_142504 20150131_143135 20150131_143231
 Jan 24- Blaise Castle Estate
20150124_145625 20150124_151351 20150124_152911[1]
 Jan 14- Brean Down
20150117_115705_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_115909_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_121356_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_121708 20150117_122130_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_123224_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_123429_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_123756 20150117_123940 20150117_124548 20150117_124634 20150117_125932 20150117_124622 20150117_133641 20150117_134309 20150117_134823Jan 17- A day trip to Brean Down (
20150117_123735_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_123906_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_124425_Richtone(HDR) 20150117_121728 20150117_135634_Richtone(HDR)
Jan 14- Bristol’s first snow in 2 years and our first (in Bristol)
Jan 4- Rebekah and I being unwell between Christmas and New Year’s didn’t do a whole lot. We did, however, manage to get out a visit a new manor house (King’s Weston) just down the road that we did not previously know about.
20150104_140119 20150104_140359 20150104_140754 20150104_141023 20150104_141227
Dec 24- Turkey!
Dec 23- Taking Abby to Bath
20141223_125018 20141223_125227 20141223_125845 20141223_130029 20141223_130400 20141223_130514 20141223_130638
Dec 22- Bristol Cathedral
20141222_112209 20141222_112422
Dec 18-21. A pre-Christmas get away to Northern Wales. Highlights: Climbing Mt. Snowdon (4th highest point in the UK), Caernarfon Castle (castle of the Prince of Wales) and relaxing by a woodstove!
20141220_093300 20141219_082429 20141219_082442 20141219_082516 20141219_172657 20141219_183429 20141219_091334 20141219_094213 20141219_095055 20141219_102527 20141219_103414 20141219_105502 20141219_110001 20141219_105551 20141219_111908 20141219_112011 20141219_112856 20141219_114218 20141219_120727 20141219_121924 20141219_122244 20141219_123354 20141219_124618 20141219_131333 20141219_142425 20141219_142746 20141219_144106 20141219_145441 20141219_151514 20141220_134939 20141220_122249 20141220_135501 20141220_140044 20141220_151205 20141220_151515 20141220_152601 20141220_154014 20141220_155938 20141220_095450 20141220_095502 20141220_095502 20141220_105849 20141220_162533_LLS 20141220_162747_LLS 20141220_162853_LLS
Dec 17- A Victorian Christmas at Tynesfield
20141217_130401 20141217_131350 20141217_132009_LLS 20141217_140255 20141217_140103
Dec 16- Reminds us of National Lampoons Christmas (discovered on the way home from Home Group Bible Study). They even had their own radio station!
Dec 16- Abby explores England!
20141216_111226 20141216_101354 20141216_101910
Dec 15- Abby arrives from Canada (a visit to Avebury- world heritage site- on the way home from the airport)
20141215_125337 20141215_134102 20141215_135536 20141215_135551
Dec 7- Putting up our little tree!
Dec 6- Bath German Christmas Market. Went with the Impact Group (20s&30s) from church to Bath by train. Picked up a few good bargains and had an enjoyable time!
20141206_150455 20141206_150644 20141206_150655 20141206_154527 20141206_161419 20141206_162028 20141206_164623_Richtone(HDR) 20141206_170056_Richtone(HDR) 20141206_171058_LLS 20141206_171750_LLS
Dec 1- Mowing grass for the last time?
Nov 29- Hike at Leigh Woods. Just across the bridge from College
 20141129_143931 20141129_151439 20141129_151517 20141129_151834 20141129_152316
Nov 21- A journey home from the doctors. Just what the doctor ordered. Rebekah’s CT scan ended up being on the SE corner of Bath. We took the opportunity to visit Bradford upon Avon which included its Saxon church, old town centre, bridge, canal and tithe barn. Jennie discovered some hissing swans too! On the way home we discovered Jane Seymour’s country residence, St. Catherine’s Court. Enjoy!
20141121_124421 20141121_124718 20141121_124524 20141121_125523 20141121_125707 20141121_125853 20141121_130707 20141121_130839 20141121_131929 20141121_133105 20141121_133250_LLS 20141121_133402_Richtone(HDR) 20141121_133844 20141121_134246
20141121_141411 20141121_141738 
20141121_141756 scc pic
Nov 15- A journey north of Bristol, along the Cotswold Way, near Dursley.
20141115_133219 20141115_133522 20141115_133922 20141115_133951
Visiting prehistoric “long barrows” (tombs).
20141115_132706 20141115_150732 20141115_150721
Woodchester Park (an estate that has an abandoned manor home that was designed to look like a recovered abbey)
20141115_135841 20141115_140538 20141115_141531 20141115_141707 20141115_141834
Uley Hill Fort (approx. 40 acres with steep 200’+ drops on either side. A commanding position.)
Uley Hill Fort
20141115_153145 20141115_154220 20141115_154549 20141115_154906
Nov 8- A journey into beautiful Wiltshire. Journeyed south of Bath along the western edge of the Salisbury Plain to visit Stourhead (set of Mr. Darcy’s (first) proposal in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film)! Went for some neat walks and village stop overs too!20141108_123251[1]20141108_123446[1]20141108_12331020141108_125313[1]20141108_130559[1]20141108_13055620141108_131542[1]20141108_13221620141108_132509[1]20141108_133137[1]20141108_14323120141108_14345120141108_15223420141108_152628[1]20141108_15233820141108_15265420141108_15325420141108_153504[1]20141108_153446
Nov 1- Chris’ Bristol birthday outing. First stop= John Wesley’s Chapel (the first Methodist meeting house in the world). Second Stop= Arnos Vale Cemetery (founded in 1836 it was left derelict in the 80s and 90s-note the overgrowth, one would think they were walking in a forest- it is the most famous Bristol cemetery).
20141101_120007[1] 20141101_124426[1] 20141101_132517[1] 20141101_132737[1] 20141101_132851[1]
Oct 25- Dog sitting our friend’s dog “Monty”
IMG-20141025-WA0005[1] IMG-20141025-WA0006[1] IMG-20141025-WA0004[1]
Oct 18- An autumn hike in Wales… it was not a hike up a grand mountain like Pen y fan or Corn Du, nonetheless Sugar Loaf (1955′) stands alone as a unique Welsh hill. Enjoyed the outing with a couple from church and of course Jennie. We journeyed up the Wye Valley and saw the beautiful Tintern Abbey, toured cross country down rural lanes, and then up, up, up to the peak of Sugar Loaf.20141018_103316 20141018_103328 Sugar_loaf_mountain_brecon_beacons_national_park_wales 20141018_124349 20141018_125317 20141018_125331 20141018_133256 20141018_13394420141018_133115 20141018_133952 20141018_135303 20141018_135617 20141018_135623 20141018_145019 20141018_145404
Oct 13- Canadian Thanksgiving in the UK. After searching for the necessary ingredients high and low we were able to celebrate with my professor and his wife. Thanks be to God.
20141013_160419 20141013_160727 
Oct 11- A Thanksgiving Outing- Today we journeyed north of Bristol and across the Severn River into Wales to visit Chepstow Castle, the first Norman Castle in Wales, home to the oldest castle door in Europe (1192) and a castle that was an architectural, hospitality and defensive model of its day set beside the Wye River. It was a 28 Mile trip (great job Rebekah!). Enjoy!
20141011_121005 20141011_121544 20141011_122924 aerial reconstr 20141011_134112 20141011_134158 20141011_135510 20141011_135549 20141011_135717 20141011_140019 20141011_140102 20141011_140303 20141011_140332 20141011_140430 20141011_141639 20141011_142913 20141011_143606 20141011_152548
Oct 4- A journey through the western edge of the Cotswolds to Newark Park, a sixteenth-century Tudor hunting lodge, and then on to a memorial service at the Tyndale Monument (read more about that under Crocker Contemplations).
20141004_124410[1] 20141004_125156[1] 20141004_125549[1] 20141004_130955[1] 20141004_131023[1] 20141004_140853[1] 20141004_140635[1] 20141004_152900[1] 20141004_155806[1]
Sept 20- Our last summer adventure…and we chose Bath, which in our opinion is the loveliest English city and we cycled there! We hope to return soon; anyone want to come?
20140920_101852 20140920_103104 20140920_113610 20140920_113900 20140920_114556 20140920_120844 20140920_121105 20140920_122614 20140920_124648 20140920_131752
Sept 17- Took Rebekah to this newly discovered vantage point. Looking north along the Avon Gorge you can see the new Bristol harbour and channel. Looking south you can see old Bristol and the suspension bridge.
20140918_181526[1] 20140918_181954[1]
Sept 13- Doors Open Bristol: St. Mary Redcliffe Church (one of the older churches in Bristol), SS Great Britain (the world’s first modern ship), Redcliffe Caves.
20140913_135757[1]20140913_140412[1] 20140913_151718[1] 20140913_154537[1] 20140913_145225[1]4584526277_65b8d99667_z
Sept 11- Praising God for our new nephew Gabriel John Peters Samulack.
Congrats Rob and Rachel on your beautiful baby boy!IMG_00001058
Sept 7- Walking on the Blaise Castle Estate. This location has one of three ancient hill forts. It also has part of a Roman road that goes north to Gloucester. A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon for a walk!
Sept 6- A sunny afternoon out volunteering at the Bristol Bee and Pollen Show at the Bristol Botanical Gardens (

20140906_143411[1] 20140906_143146[1]


Sept 3- We have been here for over a month and Jennie is now settled in (even after her fight with a fox two nights ago!).


Aug 30- Rebekah’s first bike cycling trip, 14 miles to the Severn Bridge. Good job Rebekah!

20140830_142819[1] 20140830_143855[1]

Aug 29- A Journey to the Southern Cotswolds before work and school ramp up.

Castle Combe, setting for the movie War Horse (2010)20140829_144015


Taking photo memories at Lacock Abbey gardens.



Lacock Village and Abbey. The oldest parts of the Abbey date to 1200. Modern photography was also invented here too!

20140829_105628 20140829_105800 20140829_110044

Chris going through a really neat ford in the village across the river Avon.


Aug 22- 25- KBC Church Holiday

We were very blessed to have been invited on the church holiday where we were able to connect with so many people. Here are some hiking highlights from a walk in the Quantock Hills (note the wild ponies, beautiful heather and great views (we could see as far away as 90 miles)).


20140823_155248 20140823_160804 20140823_162554 20140823_162733 20140824_144852 20140824_155028 20140824_155116 20140824_144852 20140824_153400

Aug 16- Horfield Prison Bicycle Sale


HMP Bristol Horfield has a program to teach inmates work skills by refurbishing bicycles after which a group inspects them for quality control and they are sold for charity. As bicycles are very expensive in the UK compared to Canada we picked up a bicycle each. Chris is cycling to the church holiday next weekend (55 miles) through the Mendip Hills.

Aug 16- Tyndale Monument

One of my professors and his wife introduced us to this beautiful hiking and historic park.

William Tyndale was the reformer who translated much the Bible into English for the first time and for this great work he was rewarded for being burnt at the stake. The monument is a tribute to his faith and contributions to Bible translation. He was born near here.

On the hiking adventure Jennie was delighted to find some fox poop, of which there are many of in the area (foxes that is), and rolled in it. She also climbed the tower with us!






Aug 15- An afternoon in the country just east of Bristol at Dyrham Park.

*Note the Fallow Deer truly sound like penguins!







The view of Bristol and Wales


Aug 13- An afternoon trip to Clevedon Court (1290) and Woodspring Priory (1210)

20140813_161234[1] 20140813_161807[1] 20140813_152523[1]

20140813_144609[1] 20140813_144854[1]

Aug 13- Blaise Castle Folly and Blaise Manor House (1 Mile from our house!)20140813_130352[1]20140813_130819[1]

Aug 12- A picnic in Brandon Hill Nature Park and Cabot Tower (named after John Cabot who discovered Canada and was from Bristol) with our Anglo-Dutch friend from church Hennie.

20140812_185339[1] 20140812_185322[1]


Aug 11- Rebekah learns the ropes in her new and slightly smaller English kitchen.



Aug 10- A Lord’s Day walk in the Blaise Gulley.


Aug 9- “brambling”


Aug 9- Bristol Beekeepers Association


Aug 8- Dream home?




Aug 6- Wishing we could live in the shire; the cottages of Blaise Hamlet.


Aug 2- Repton Hall, once a manor house, then a psychiatric hospital and now luxury apartments, built in 1802. The grounds are Jennie’s favourite place and it is only a 2 min walk from home.


Aug 1- Our little castle in Brentry, Bristol. This is the first time living in a big city and so a view of Wales and the Bristol Channel from our bedroom window, along with fields and cows on the northern edge of the city help to make our transition more palatable.



16 Responses to The View from Here

  1. Jessica Vandenburg says:

    Looks amazing! ~Jessica

  2. Melanie and Murray Cornwell says:

    Great photos! All you need is a little Canadian flag at the door;) Murray and i are sorry we didn’t get to host you for dinner but you have a raincheck! Lots of love and good wishes as you continue your exciting journey!!

    • Thanks Melanie! We are looking forward to a holiday back home next year and will keep you updated as to when that will be! Our Canadian flag is in our office, which Chris has dubbed the “Canada Room” as it will also serve as our guest room! Blessings to you both.

  3. gail says:

    The gorgeous pictures of the huge overviews makes me very aware how “unhilly” the countryside here is. 🙂

  4. Marlene says:

    Congratulations Auntie Rebekah. What a beautiful family picture!

  5. Marlene says:

    What is the meaning of the 5 gold symbols on the bow of the SS Great Britain?

  6. Marlene says:

    yes, yes, yes!

  7. Marlene says:

    What are those beautiful little white flowers?

  8. Tara says:

    Beautiful pictures Rebekah! I just found out about your blog from Janet. What a great idea to document your journey and keep everyone back home informed! I am so jealous! I think of you often,


  9. Marlene says:

    The pictures are just amazing! Like looking at a fairy tale. History all over, that you can see and touch. You could never lose your sense of awe and wonder at it all. You are giving us a wonderful tour. Thank you so much. You are in our prayers and thoughts every day. Marlene

  10. Jessica says:

    I want that castle! I could spend days walking along the walls!
    Love the Lampoon’s style house! So over the top! Looks like a larger version of some of the houses in North Rustico…..that town really overdoes decorations….
    I really enjoy seeing all these amazing places you visit. England really is beautiful.

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