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March 9, 2015

One of my goals for the new year was to knit a new project every month. With being in the hospital and recovering for the best part of the last month that hasn’t happened but in December and January I did get quite a few projects done!

I finally finished the infinity scarf that I had been knitting for the last three years for my best friend Aveleen. It was supposed to be her birthday present in 2012, but it arrived for her birthday in 2015- almost thought it would take an eternity to complete it! Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t take three years to knit the actual scarf, which would have been huge, it took me three years because I could never get the pattern right and ripped it apart at least six times. So, sigh of relief, that project is finally complete.

I got a great book of knitting projects out of our local library in December and  just had to try knitting the coffee cup cosy pattern for presents. I think that I will definitely be knitting more of these in future as they were quick, easy and lots of fun. I especially liked adding buttons that I had received for Christmas as cute accents. Here’s how my first two attempts turned out:20141226_06555920141226_044340[1]

Throughout December and January I also knitted two cowl scarves (one for a co-worker’s Christmas present and one for my mom’s birthday), a more “manly” long scarf for Chris and a pair of leg warmers to wear with my welly boots as it is WET here in the winter!

My cosy moss green leg warmers. Made with leftover wool from Aveleen's three year infinity scarf (see above).

My cosy moss green leg warmers. Made with leftover wool from Aveleen’s three year infinity scarf (see above).

In early February before all of my crazy hospital visits I knitted myself a wrap. As I only had one ball of wool, and should have had two, it turned into more of a short, wide scarf. So, project number one for March after my recovery: rip the wrap apart and make something that I will actually wear. Project number two: knit my sister’s birthday present so that it is finished before three years time from now-our birthday in March 2018. Here’s to happy knitting and less hospitalization!

December 30, 2014

Well, I definitely did not make that deadline of posting on here within a month but in we have had a really busy Christmas season!

This year as we had none of our usual Christmas decorations to use we had to get crafty in the Crocker household! Although as Christians Christmas is not about the Christmas tree I do feel that a tree makes a nice festive touch. This year I made a paper garland to wrap around the tree, gingerbread, dried orange and apple ornaments and paper ornaments to hang on the tree.

The paper garland I made to hang on our tree.

The paper garland I made to hang on our tree.

My original plan was to festoon our tree with gingerbread hearts and people and I even made our family in gingerbread.

The Peters/Crocker/Samulack side of our family in gingerbread.

The Peters/Crocker/Samulack side of our family in gingerbread.

On December 7 we decked our new tree with lights, garland, inexpensive baubles and our lovely gingerbread and fruit ornaments.

Chris is setting up the tree...

Chris is setting up the tree…

Here's one of me stringing our gingerbread ornaments.

Here’s one of me stringing our gingerbread ornaments.

All was calm and bright until we went to our evening church service and found upon our arrival home that Jennie (our dog) had eaten eleven of the twelve gingerbread hearts, all of our gingerbread family with the exception of two family members…my nephew Gabriel and his mom Rachel and the dried apples and oranges! I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Bad dog! So I ended up making new paper ornaments using a recycled book. Not quite the same as the gingerbread but filled out the tree nonetheless!

The original gingerbread ornaments hours before the dog disaster.

The original gingerbread ornaments hours before the dog disaster.

My recycled book ornaments- somewhat dog proof!

My recycled book ornaments- somewhat dog proof!

Our Christmas tree ended up being an eclectic mix of homemade ornaments, cookie cutters strung with yarn, family ornaments that Abby brought from Canada and whatever remaining oranges, apples and gingerbread that Jennie did not eat! In the end I was quite pleased with the homey result that we achieved for a grant total cost of £22.50. Not bad I say! 20141230_134735[1]

November 8, 2014

As you all know by now, I am horrendous at updating this blog as regularly as Chris. In my defence, I rarely have access to the laptop because he is using it for research, writing or editing and I cannot update the blog from my phone. And so I rest my case.

I’ve been working on some new crafts for our house. The first is a wreath that I made using just a cereal box and yarn! I wanted something to spruce up the closet door in our entry way, so I cut out a cardboard circle using my mixing bowl and a soup bowl as tracing patterns. I then wound yarn around the circle (you could use any colour, I liked this cream yarn; plus it was the only plain colour I had) and tied it off. Will definitely consider making more of these wreaths!

20141108_202842[1]The second project that I made was a garland for our front entry window. It looked a little bare, so I cut circles out in two sizes. The card stock that I used was from the cover of a 3D card making kit that I brought with me from Canada. I loved the images and wanted to use them, so what better way than to show them off in our house! The added bonus is that as the window is double sided, you can see a white circle garland from our dining room now- 2 in 1 garland! I just cut out the circles (tracing around a drinking glass for the large and a jam jar lid for the small), punched holes in the top and strung them onto a piece of thin yarn. Mission accomplished, one window decorated!20141108_202853[1]

Tune in next time (hopefully in less than a month) to see what simple Christmas crafts I am working on for our first Christmas in England!

Until then, happy crafting!!

October 11, 2014

If you know me you will know that I enjoy craft making. Lately, I have been craft making with what little I materials I brought with me. As we are on a shoestring budget I have not had the pleasure of shopping for home décor or craft supplies here yet…too much temptation! So I’ve been working with what I have to give our little place a cozy, home-like feel. Here are my most recent endeavours…all that was required were dove and heart templates (free on google), white cardstock, patterned craft paper, double sided tape and yarn. And just a little bit of time, too!dove



2 Responses to Craft Corner

  1. Sharon Brown says:

    Rebekah you continue to amaze me! You are so creative and talented and we can all learn things from you! Keep up the great ideas.
    Sharon and Remi

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