Frequently Asked Questions

Q- When do you hope to come home to visit?

We hope to make it home each summer for two weeks to see friends and help with the honey harvest.

Q- What do you plan to do after Chris’ 4 year doctorate?

We have no idea! It is a hope that in addition to pastoral ministry I might find an adjunct professor role (part-time university teacher). Ultimately, following Ps 119:105, we do not know the next steps after 2018 but are trusting the Lord in the present. If the Lord can call us to England then who knows where His next step for us will be? We need to be open and mouldable to His calling.

Q- What does your family think of your move?

Our families are very sad to see us go but have been very supportive of this opportunity. For this we are thankful! Skype will be great and we plan to come to Ontario once a year to visit. We also have a number of folks hoping to come visit us, we may end up having to sell time shares to control them all.

Q- What is happening with all of your bees?

My father, whom we operate Crocker Honey with, will take over the bees while we are gone. Each summer we plan to go back home to help with the labour intensive honey harvest. We also plan to get a small number of hives in England to keep our hands in the honey pot.



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