Here and There

A Canadian friend of mine, who shares an interest and heritage with England, speaks of an interesting paradox in this Anglo-Canadian relationship. He says, “When I am in Canada I long to visit England; when I am in England I am proud to be Canadian.” In here and there you will find a wide display of trans-Atlantic commentary from two Canadians residing in England.

A Canadian-English Dictionary


car trunk=boot

rubber boots= Wellingtons

a vacumm= a Hoover

draft= draught (in some usages)

sweater= jumper

downtown= city centre

road reflectors (the ones in the pavement)=cat’s eyes

(that brings up another difference), sidewalk=pavement



Compare more vocabulary differences here. 

Hilarious British Commercials

What we miss most about Canada (aside from the obvious like family):

Crisp, cool fall days

The brilliant colours of the Ontario autumn

Kraft peanut butter

Distinct seasons


Summer (while it was dry this summer high teens for temperature was a downer. Where is our tan?)

What we most appreciate about the UK:

NHS (National Health Service)

Things Canadians could learn from the English:

Things the English could learn from Canadians:

Crocker Life Lessons: Wise and humourous musings from our adventures across the pond…


When making affordable Christmas tree decorations don’t make gingerbread ones when you have a dog!


It should be mandatory that every country in the world stock Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter; what will we do without it!


When living in England one must not only make a mental switch when driving but also cycling as the brakes are inverted! Cycle with care as one mistake in applying pressure to the wrong side can send you over the handle bars!


Dog’s are smarter than one might think. I brought Jennie around to the passenger side where I had placed a towel for her to sit one because she was dirty. She got in an immediately crossed over to the driver’s seat. At first I was mad because of her disobedient act but then I realized what she had done. Good girl.


Look right when crossing the road first and then left (and not the other way around).


Choose your words wisely as some words and sayings mean something completely different. I.e. never refer to “pants” in public, for the Brits this means underwear, you must remember to say “trousers.”


Think twice about transporting your beloved four legged friend to the UK; it costs more than you originally will reckon (but Jennie is soooo cute).


Pack wisely when packing your life into 3 suitcases to move across the Atlantic, you only have one shot at it.


2 Responses to Here and There

  1. Wayne Johnston says:

    Chris and Rebeckah-a big “hello” from Canada. I just got your blog address from Sharon and wanted to congratulate you both on your safe arrival. It sounds like things are setting up nicely. I wish you much success, health and safety as you pursue your adventure. You are much in my thoughts. I wish you both every success and maybe we can email (I hate to admit it but I’m not much of a Skyper). My email address is:
    Love and Best Wishes


  2. Marlene says:

    Ever try chocolate Philadelphia cream cheese or Nutella? Yummy! You could grind up some peanuts with honey…that too is yummy.

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