Recommended Reads


Ardent_Love_for_Jesus_1024x1024Dr. Haykin brings to life the times and people that brought about the Baptist revivals of the late 18th and early 19th century. This book is easily accessible and historically rewarding for every reader, and in Haykin’s style, provides the reader with not only the facts but a usable past for their own contemporary Christian journey. A must read is you desire to learn more about revival, baptist or evangelical history. The book is also a great introduction into the period of history that I will be studying.

rcIn this modern paraphrase Bob Beltz brings to life a book that transformed a nation. After his conversion the Lord placed upon Wilberforce’s heart the desire to end slavery. This could only happen if the hearts of stone and evil among the people, and leaders, were transformed by the Gospel. Real Christianity was Wilberforce’s successful attempt to transform the hearts of the nation to lead their conscience. This book also powerfully displays his robust evangelical worldview that undergirded his social engagement and reform. To read the original click here.

sdAs a fellow owner of a Border Collie, agricultural and outdoorsman, I completely resonate with the story and message of Keller in this book. It is the story of redemption and sanctification told through lessons of a sheepdog. Highly accessible, a great story and all with profound theological takeaway! See also A Shepherds Look at Psalm 23.

Pride and humility are at the heart of the biblical narrative and the Gospel message. In pride we find the root of every humility-andrewmurrayproblem and in humility its resolution. In this classic Murray presents the reader with a just overview of the virtue of humility in Scripture. Deepen your understanding of pride and humility in your Christian worldview and your world will be forever changed.

 Looking for a Bible translation that is readable but gives great access into honouring the original language, that is esv-study-bibleorthodox and robust, than if you have not already discovered the great evangelical work of the ESV please do so. The study Bible is also recommended as an aid to your own interrogation of the Scriptures.
This summer I came across this little read, which was most helpful as I reflect personally on what it means to be a pastor and a scholar.full_the-pastor-as-scholar-the-scholar-as-pastor

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