Other Adventures and Activities

June walk with Dave back to Pen y fan. This time we went the long way around. 6.5 hours of walking bliss.

20150627_123248 20150627_130825 20150627_130848 20150627_141559 20150627_150312 20150627_152707 20150627_160323 20150627_160350

June  8th- Retreat in Wales with Josh (a fellow student) answering the question, “what has the Lord been teaching you through your studies?” We climbed two hills, Table Top Mountain and Pen y fan (which is the 2nd highest point in Wales).

20150608_092807 20150608_100216 20150608_103117 20150608_122859 20150608_125945 20150608_130749 20150608_131907 20150608_133459 20150608_133734 20150608_134646 20150608_134945

May 16- Cycling to Clevedon with Tim

20150516_153731 20150516_164853

March 28- A much needed day away. A 66 mile cycle-prayer-history trip connecting between all the non-conformist chapels in western South Gloucestershire. My professor and I prayed for all of the active chapels, found  a castle and stopped at a bakery and a pub for some nourishment (I discovered lardy cake!).

Route 1 route 2

20150328_093733 20150328_100035 20150328_110647 20150328_110650 20150328_143708 20150328_143915 20150328_145051 20150328_162950

Oct 28-31- Mid-Term Research Trip to…


20141028_092257 20141028_093126 20141028_111710 20141028_130844 20141028_131152 20141028_131538 20141028_134225 20141028_135809 20141028_162845 20141029_090534 20141029_171818

Olney (resting place of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace)

20141030_081710 20141030_082002 20141030_082046 20141030_082930

Warwick (the birthplace of John Ryland)

20141031_130158 20141031_130441 20141031_130530 20141031_132039 20141031_132710

Proof that I did spend most of my time researching

20141028_143406 20141029_092752

Sept 27- Took the Saturday to travel over to Southampton with a beekeeping friend to a big bee equipment sale at Thornes’ Beekeeping. On the way back we meandered through a quaint valley. Can anyone guess the house we found at the end of it?

20140927_112039[1] 20140927_122305[1] 20140927_124117[1] 20140927_124127[1] 20140927_134109[1] 20140927_134011[1] 20140927_142754[1]

Sept 24- Cycling to Chew Magna outside Bristol for the College’s Away Day (Quiet Day). On the way there I was introduced to this stone circle.

  20140924_090424[1] 20140924_090656[1]


20140924_113835[1] 20140924_112624[1] 20140924_112924[1]

Sept 15- Man’s best friend, so glad we brought her along! Jennie tries out a new Denta-Flex from Purina.


Sept 13- A walk with a friend on the heights over looking central Bristol. Found the old AA gun installations from WWII and also the Dower House.


Sept 10- Had a boring morning and a sticky afternoon. Let me explain. The Bristol Channel has the second highest tide in the world, after the Bay of Fundy. Today was its strongest. When the tide comes into the Severn River it forms a bore (a tidal wave) that surges up the river very quickly. Today my friend from church took me bore hopping where one rushes from viewing point to viewing point attempting to beat the bore there and then on to the next to get yet another amazing view as the bore presses on. Here are some shots from that adventure. In the narrows (not seen here) the wave can be as high as 10ft.20140910_075644 20140910_081630 20140910_083940 20140910_092246 20140910_094205

My sticky adventure was going with Rob, who I went bore hopping, to help his 97 year old father extract his honey and tend to his bees. Click here to view photos.


Sept 10- Had a boring morning and a sticky afternoon today as I took a break from my studies! Let me explain…

The Bristol Channel has the second strongest tide in the world after the Bay of Fundy. Today was its strongest. As the tide comes in it pushes up the Severn River forming a bore (tidal wave) that pushes up the river some 120 miles. At places it can form a 20 foot wave that surges through the narrows. To go boring you catch the wave at one location and then drive quickly to catch it at its next viewing point.

My second and true cycling opportunity here in England. The first day at KBC I was asked if I wanted to cycle to the church holiday. Not having a bike I said yes and had to secure one. The one way journey there took 7 hours and 58 miles (92.8) through the Chew Valley, up onto the Mendip Hills, down through Cheddar Gorge and then on to Bridgewater across the Somerset levels. It was a sunny day to join the cycling crew (of which I was the novice not having exercised my cycling legs in a while). Sun and idealic north Somerset countryside and scenic lanes made for an enjoyable commute.



A true English initiation cycling in the pouring rain on the return trip!

2014-08-25 wet cyclists

My first cycling adventure in Bristol with Tim from KBC. Highlights: Clifton Suspension Bridge, Ashton Court and Blaise Castle trails. Lowlights: hills.



4 Responses to Other Adventures and Activities

  1. Marlene says:

    I would love to have such a boring afternoon. Can almost smell the salty air.

  2. Marlene says:

    Do you know anything of the origins of the stone circle? Wonderful pictures, just like being there.

    • Not the actual origins. Local folklore has it that the stones we a wedding party. They were all dancing on a Saturday night to their fiddler. They were having so much fun that they asked him to play through the night and into the Sabbath. Being a Christian he refused. The devil instead came along and offered to play the fiddle for them. They happily accepted to their doom for as the Sabbath dawned, and they danced to Satan’s tune and not the Lord’s, they were all turned to stone.

  3. Marlene says:

    I wouldn’t enjoy seeing those stones if I thought that happened. I would rather think of the stones as being like the strong foundation we have in Christ and the circle a reminder of God and His love that has no beginning and no end.

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