Like Ryland, and so many other Christians from the Church Fathers through to the Reformers, I desire to follow this great model of pastor-scholar. This model is of great practical spiritual benefit for Chris Crocker’s journey and the Kingdom alike. All too often pastors do not truly continue to refine their minds through continuing Christian education and their own walk and ministries can suffer. Likewise Christian scholars can lock themselves away in an ivory tower and have no idea what the Spirit is doing on the ground that they become obtuse and irrelevant. Each extreme risks poor stewardship of Kingdom resources, irrelevancy or even heresy, but uniting the two together in the way that I intend will intensify my journey and sanctification and God-willing bring glory to Him and further usefulness to His Kingdom.

So while I study I will be pastoring. As of Jan 4, 2015 I have been called to Cromhall Chapel… You can find out more about the chapel on our developing webpage:



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